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Free Blank Sheet Music

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Save your money and download our custom made, fingerstyle friendly, printable blank tablature paper, staff paper, standard notation, chord charts, guitar grids and common combinations you won’t find anywhere else (for free). These are the tools I find myself using most, they’re sure to fit all your teaching, writing, tabbing, and bird cage lining needs.

Fingerstyle Guitar Tab Paper [Right Click to Download]

The Art Of Ragtime Guitar

The Art of Ragtime Guitar

A great guitar instruction manual containing original songs in the ragtime style with clear explanations. It’s a classic, pdf and audio examples available for free download.

The Mississippi John Hurt Guitar Tab Book
by Max Nachlinger

I’m not sure what the deal is with this, but it’s a really good collection of John Hurt tabs in pdf format.
Songs include:

Ain’t No Tellin’
Avalon Blues
Baby What’s Wrong With You?
Big Leg Blues
Candy Man Blues
Got The Blues (Can’t Be Satisfied)
If You Don’t Want Me
Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me
Louis Collins
Lewis Collins (version 2)
Monday Mornin’ Blues
My Creole Belle
Nobody Cares For Me
Nobody’s Dirty Business
Pay Day
Richland Woman Blues
Shake That Thing
Sliding Delta
Staggerlee Blues

Big Hollow Guitars
Traditionally constructed, small bodied fingerstyle guitars with surprising volume, excellent tone and a refined aesthetic.

apers guitars
Apers Guitars
“I invite you to go on a journey with me that will lead to the creation of an instrument that is part of you. A guitar that beckons to be played. An “Instrument” that can touch your soul.” Peter Apers


Transcribe! Software.

Transcribe! Software Review

If you’ve ever felt like looping a few bars of a song, slowing it down to an understandable speed without changing the pitch, or even changing the pitch to match your tuning with the click of a button, this is the software for you. It comes with a phase reverse button to remove vocals (works on some stereo recordings), and a decent EQ to boost or quieten different instruments and remove noise. You can even do the same thing with videos. There might be better programs, but from my experience this is the simplest and most intuitive one I’ve used for making transcriptions and learning tunes.

Check out more screenshots on the Transcribe! Software site.