About FingerstyleBlues.com

The knowledge contained in these pages has been collected and ingrained over years of personal experiences, lessons, observations, research, frustration and illuminating conversation.

In traversing the path to fingerstyle enlightenment, I struggled in isolation for a long time with not much more than a guitar and a stack of records, making friends with many obstacles along the way. As the years progressed I slowly honed my technique, this consisted of ‘unlearning’ a lot of the bad habits developed in solitude.

This website is a tribute to the resource I dreamt of finding but never did. Hopefully you will take away something of value from this site; if not in the form of a specific lesson or technique than perhaps some of the philosophy that lies between the notes will ring out and stay with you. In an effort to avoid any personal biases we’ll always try to provide as many alternate ways to reach the same goal while pointing out the pitfalls of each.

These pages are here to be used and enjoyed free of charge with no pop-ups, blatant advertising or strange homemade concoctions to trick you out of your hard earned money. If you wish to support this ongoing resource please visit one of our friends, affiliates or sponsors. Any links we provide will be with the aim of broadening your studies or your music collections.