Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

Part 1: Introduction to Fingerstyle Techniques

Lesson 1: Choosing the Right Guitar

Lesson 2: Fingers and Picks

Lesson 3 : Hand Positions

Lesson 4 : Muscle Memory

Lesson 5 : The Space Between the Notes

Lesson 6: Speed -vs- Accuracy

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Part 2:
Picking and Thumb Independence

Lesson 7 – Starting With The Thumb: Independence Exercises

Lesson 8 – The Main Elements of Picking

Lesson 9 – Demystifying Tablature

Lesson 10 – Finger Patterns (Part One)

Lesson 11 – Finger Patterns (Part Two)

Lesson 12 – A Few Chords and How They Work (Part One)

Lesson 13 – A Few Chords and How They Work (Part Two)

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Part 3:
Putting it all together

Lesson 14 – Applying the Fundamentals

Lesson 15 – The Caravan Excercise

Lesson 16- The Nine Pound Hacksaw

The Freight Train Exercise

The Cold Beer Fingerstyle Fundamentals Wrap up

Part Four – Fingerstyle Blues

Lesson 19 – Jingle Bell Blues

Lesson 20 – Pink Anderson’s Every Day in the Week Blues

Coming Soon:

Delta Blues

Texas Blues

Memphis Blues

Peidmont/East Coast Blues

Part Five – Ragtime Guitar